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Pushy, pushy: Emerging media that’s displacing existing digital media

Continuing the discussion of disruptive media from July 12’s “Upsidedownland: How many industries has the Internet disrupted?“, today we look at some digital media tools and tactics that are being pushed out by other emerging media trends in an interview with digital thought leader, Steven Brita, VP, eCommerce and Digital Strategy at Atlantic Coast Media Group (ACMG).

Today, the “tried and true” new media of just a few years ago are themselves getting replaced and having to adapt to even newer media.

Texting and social media displace email

Social Media and Texting are Killing Email. Image courtesy of http://www.neboweb.com/blog/smack-email-list/

A prime example I brought up in my interview with Steven Brita is email. Formerly the top go-to customer retention marketing method for most digital marketers and a must-have for ecommerce, personal email use is diminishing as mobile devices, Facebook and texting are rising.

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Digital privacy: To tweet may be sweet, but it’s not private!

How private are our communications in the digital age? From Twitter to Facebook, email, and searches on search engines, our private communications are being opened up.

Privacy? What privacy is there- really- with social media? Image courtesy of http://tweetblog.blogosfere.it

While this should not be a surprise, somehow Twitter users were outraged in March 2011 when in US federal court in Alexandria, Virginia made tweets available to a government prosecutor:

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