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It’s all semantic: 5 trends for the future of search

Semantic search is the immediate future of search which transforms content into self-describing data that can be automatically read directly or indirectly by software applications, making the data smarter so our searches are more productive. This is the promise of Web 3.0…

Diagram of semantic web from Web 1.0 to Web 3.0

Evolution from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 and the Semantic Web 3.0 (Image courtesy http://www.rockingteam.com/2009/05/what-is-semantic-web/)

How important is search today?

Search has become such an important part of the fabric of our daily lives that it is hard to remember that it is only 21 years old this year. Looking at its past, we can see where it’s going.

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“I never meta tag I didn’t like”: Discoverability meets sociability in social search.

If content is king then metadata is its herald.

The first two decades of the internet has been about developing content to attract traffic, then adding social elements to make a “social web” where friends and strangers advise you on where to find the content you need.

Today what we realize is that content that is not found by the appropriate audience is not useful to either the organization that produced the content or the user that never discovers it.  After all, how good your content is won’t matter if the intended user never sees it!

Q: And how do users find content today? A: Either via search engines or, increasingly, via the social web as well, or a combination thereof.

Major Social Media & Search Engine Relationships (Image courtesy Top Rank Online Marketing Blog http://www.toprankblog.com/2010/06/social-search-relationships/)

Tried and True Traditional Search Still Does the Job… mostly

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