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Online Resume Keyword Research – Online Job Hunting with SEO: Part I of III

The world of work has changed and job hunting has changed with it. Most professional jobs require proficiency with computers and use of the Internet, so why shouldn’t job hunting today require job hunters to have a clue about using the web to find their job?

Candidates: You must have a clue about SEO to get hired today! (Image courtesy of http://betterhiringtoday.com/seven-hiring-tips-for-startup-ceos/)

I regularly get calls every week from recruiters, even when I am not actively searching for a job, due in no small part to the detailed search optimization I have done over the years that keeps my resume and name top of mind (and top of “mouse”;-) to recruiters.

This three-part series  shares some of my tried and true techniques I have developed for writing and marketing yourself to employers and recruiters via keyword research, a search-optimized resume, and online resume postings. The other two posts include:

So let’s read on about researching those SEO terms…

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