Upsidedownland: How many industries has the Internet disrupted?

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Travel agencies displaced by online travel sites, video rentals displaced by DVR and movies on demand, the US Postal Service displaced by email then texting, sales of CDs displaced by MP3s (and before it, LP sales displaced by CDs)… the list goes on and on.

As digital media has risen, industry after industry has seen their business model smashed to pieces, and has either retooled and risen from the ashes likeAll Posts a phoenix, or is dying or has already disappeared.

SOME QUESTIONS TO MY READERS: How many industries have the Internet and other emerging media disrupted and turned upside down? How many industries has the Internet yet to disrupt?

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Digital privacy: To tweet may be sweet, but it’s not private!

How private are our communications in the digital age? From Twitter to Facebook, email, and searches on search engines, our private communications are being opened up.

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While this should not be a surprise, somehow Twitter users were outraged in March 2011 when in US federal court in Alexandria, Virginia made tweets available to a government prosecutor:

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WebPractices Poll 2: Location-based mobile services- love ’em or leave ’em?

Location-based services like Foursquare, Gowalla, and Facebook Places show exciting possibilities to use built-in GPS services on mobile devices to provide services and entertainment to mobile users, allowing them to connect to friends, businesses and the world. However, there are also a number of downsides, not the least of which are security and privacy. On what side of the debate do you fall?

Posting your online resume for maximum results- Online Job Hunting with SEO: Part III of III

In this final post in my three-part series of online job hunting, I will describe where and how to post your online resume to ensure it is found by the most employers and recruiters possible. What are the best job sites? How do you keep your resume at the top of the results?

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In the first post of this trilogy, I discussed how to use search optimization and job postings to research keywords to use in your online resume in Online Resume Keyword Research – Online Job Hunting with SEO: Part I of III.

Next, I described tips for using recruiter-friendly wording and layout in writing your resume to make your online resume a recruiter magnet in Writing a search optimized online resume- Online Job Hunting with SEO: Part II of III.

So, now you’ve written a killer resume and included all the important industry and job-related keywords to ensure it shows up on the majority of searches by recruiters and human resource personnel. Where and how do you post your online resume?

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Writing a search optimized online resume- Online Job Hunting with SEO: Part II of III

Now that you have your research about keywords to use from Online Job Hunting with SEO: Part I of III – Online Resume Keyword Research, you need to write your search-optimized resume. Once you write your resume, read on about Posting your online resume for maximum results- Online Job Hunting with SEO: Part III of III .

If you don't have a resume, you're relying on recruiters to find you just based on your Google profile- a dangerous proposition! (Image courtesy of

If the keywords are the bait, your resume is the hook to reel in the recruiters. In a tough job market with lots of competition, it’s important to stand out with a resume to promises to deliver results for the potential employer.  An online resume differs from a printed one in that you can’t control the formatting, the length or which companies will receive it.

But you can control the search optimization.

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