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Digital privacy: To tweet may be sweet, but it’s not private!

How private are our communications in the digital age? From Twitter to Facebook, email, and searches on search engines, our private communications are being opened up.

Privacy? What privacy is there- really- with social media? Image courtesy of

While this should not be a surprise, somehow Twitter users were outraged in March 2011 when in US federal court in Alexandria, Virginia made tweets available to a government prosecutor:

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Is online media stifling your staff’s offline social skills? Try an email diet!

Do excessive social media and electronic communications stifle socialization skills?

Phone-wearing 1950's couple

Too much technology-based communications can make tech heads socially dead (Image courtesy

While in private life social media has helped people find lost friends, new love interests or client prospects, on a personal communications level excessive reliance on electronic forms of communications can have a detrimental effect on one’s professional life and career.

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