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Keyword Stuffing: When good SEO copywriting turns bad

The following is a guest blog from one of the top ecommerce copywriters in the country, “Jim L.” from New York City. One of Jim’s and my pet peeves is SEO copy gone overboard. This is when companies forget direct marketing copywriting principles and try to game the system by giving too much of a good thing and “stuffing” their online copy with unnecessary keywords that only gets their search rankings penalized.

While SEO is important, so is legibility and creating and keeping interest in the customers once they arrive at the site. Unnatural language can drive your audience away!

Below are some real life examples that Jim provides of bad copy written for keyword density rather than the audience vs. some top-performing subject lines:

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Pushy, pushy: Emerging media that’s displacing existing digital media

Continuing the discussion of disruptive media from July 12’s “Upsidedownland: How many industries has the Internet disrupted?“, today we look at some digital media tools and tactics that are being pushed out by other emerging media trends in an interview with digital thought leader, Steven Brita, VP, eCommerce and Digital Strategy at Atlantic Coast Media Group (ACMG).

Today, the “tried and true” new media of just a few years ago are themselves getting replaced and having to adapt to even newer media.

Texting and social media displace email

Social Media and Texting are Killing Email. Image courtesy of

A prime example I brought up in my interview with Steven Brita is email. Formerly the top go-to customer retention marketing method for most digital marketers and a must-have for ecommerce, personal email use is diminishing as mobile devices, Facebook and texting are rising.

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Is online media stifling your staff’s offline social skills? Try an email diet!

Do excessive social media and electronic communications stifle socialization skills?

Phone-wearing 1950's couple

Too much technology-based communications can make tech heads socially dead (Image courtesy

While in private life social media has helped people find lost friends, new love interests or client prospects, on a personal communications level excessive reliance on electronic forms of communications can have a detrimental effect on one’s professional life and career.

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