Upsidedownland: How many industries has the Internet disrupted?

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Travel agencies displaced by online travel sites, video rentals displaced by DVR and movies on demand, the US Postal Service displaced by email then texting, sales of CDs displaced by MP3s (and before it, LP sales displaced by CDs)… the list goes on and on.

As digital media has risen, industry after industry has seen their business model smashed to pieces, and has either retooled and risen from the ashes likeAll Posts a phoenix, or is dying or has already disappeared.

SOME QUESTIONS TO MY READERS: How many industries have the Internet and other emerging media disrupted and turned upside down? How many industries has the Internet yet to disrupt?

On the Innowave blog, Fred Wilson is quoted in talking about “disruptive industries.”

Media/entertainment has taken the brunt of the disruptive force of the internet and internet technology but that’s just the start. What industries are next? Energy, education, consumer finance, and health care all seem ripe.

Today, with the rise of eBooks and their devices– eBook readers, smartphones with eBook apps, and tablet PCs– publishing is one of those industries under attack.

This thought-provoking video with the intriguing gimmick helps explain the problem and opportunity publishers today have — from their techno-savvy digital-loving customers.

A QUESTION TO MY READERS: Will publishing adapt or die? What other industries are being disrupted?

I look forward to your thoughts!


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